Timbuk2 Jet OS – Laptop, Carry on Pack

posted on 8th May 2016 in Blog, Travel with 1 comment

The Pain of Rummaging

I recently spent about five weeks playing globetrotter to places remote and urban – Northern Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Tele Aviv. My first extended travel in quite some time, I returned with a pile of things to deal with lodged in my Wunderlist. Things like: get an unlocked dongle for internet SIMing as I go, buy a tripod, carry my own towel, etc.
Topping the list was to get a proper computer bag with a separate compartment for my trusty Macbook Pro 13’. Also on the list of criteria was some form of compartmentalization for my various cameras, books, notebooks, cables, chargers, and other everyday carry. It seems that my Habagat bag is great for tooling around the wilds of Dumaguete but woefully inadequate for international travel.

A Luggage Conundrum

Since my return, I’d been agonizing over what bag to buy. I looked at Patagonia’s 28L Refugio, GoRuck’s 26L GR1, and Victorinox’s Corbusier. I often linger in front of the Tumi store long enough to draw security’s attention. The fact is, I just can’t bring myself to spring for a Tumi bag. Too much dough and I’m a luggage slut, so I’ll move on well before the ROI.

My recent gear run to the R.O.X. store in the Fort for yet another rash guard and some compression socks (all under the guise of looking for some aquafashion for the GF), yielded a Timbuk2 OS Jet (called the Jet Carryon in the U.S.).

It Was Love at First Sight

Shazam: sort of TSA friendly, definitely easy laptop access, good compartments, rugged ballistic nylon skin, standard bottle opener on the right shoulder strap (have to like a company that has its priorities in order). And here I thought Timbuk2 was the sort of thing wannabe lumberjacks in SF would carry on their way to the closest co-working space so they could unlimber their laptop and code up the newest Uberof app.

Sure it’s more than the U.S. prices for either the Patagonia choice or even itself at $129 — I generally 2x check prices vs the U.S. option and do a quick calculation of cost + shipping + customs mystery fee and discount the whole thing with immediate gratification. At P10k and with several trips through Cebu to Manila and back to Dumaguete, I couldn’t be happier.

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