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Finding a Gym in Dumaguete

I’m always a bit dubious about businesses that confine their web presence to a Facebook page. For me a search for fitness options starts with “Gym + Dumaguete” and yields few results (SERPs for you SEO-types). Nothing really stands out. Very few reviews and the information available is limited.

A Facebook page alone suggests a kind of provisional sensibility, as if the business in question may pack up and slip away in the night. Of course packing up a stack of weights and bars and mats and stuff would be quite a trick. Although, if anyone might be up to the task, the trainers at World Fitness Gym & Fitness Center would be a good choice. They are, to a man, very large gents who appear to be seriously focused on helping folks get fit.

World Fitness = A Good Thing

So I guess you could say that associating the quality of a gym and its web site is a fallacy. And, in defense of World Fitness Gym & Fitness Center’s online presence, the page is frequently updated. The bottom line? World Fitness is a quality gym.

The weight machines are well maintained and the place is clean. Membership is inexpensive and the location is convenient to Dumaguete proper as it’s next to Silliman’s campus. The staff and the people who work out there are polite. Everyone yields space as the various machines and weights get pretty heavy use in the afternoon when I head over for some gym time. The monthly fees are P1,200 and there is a one-time fee of P600. I haven’t used one of the trainers there, but they seem pretty busy.

World Fitness Gym & Fitness Center on Facebook

World Fitness Gym & Fitness Center on Foursquare

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