Mountainsmith Morrison 2 – My Home Away from Home

posted on 8th May 2016 in Blog, Travel with no comments

Mountainsmith tent in Siquijor

Excellent Beach Camping Tent
The Mountainsmith Morrison 2, 2 person tent is a dandy piece of gear. My principle use of this excellent little shelter is the odd overnight sojourn in Siquijor or Mati. With it, I lop 50% off the cost of the trip.

It’s a three-season shelter, whatever that means here in the Philippines. The design is for warm climate camping, but I intend to haul this beaut up to Mount Talinis and Mount Kanlaon in the near future, so I should have an update on its serviceability in less balmy weather.

The tent is light and relatively compact at18” x 7.5” (46 x 19 cm) when packed for the trail. This could be helped a bit with compression straps since the vestibule fluffs a bit when rolled up for travel.

Pitchable and Dead Simple
Setting the tent up is a breeze — just follow the instructions printed on the stuff sack. They aren’t necessary, strictly speaking, since the poles are color-coded so you can’t mistake the correct placement. Once the Morrison 2 is up, it’s a matter of staking it down and adding the rain fly if necessary. The tent has several loops and comes with a hanging bag that suspends in the tent. This seems a bit contrived with the hanging loops and the inside pockets, so I have not used it.

Great Ventilation
The tent opens on both sides — a boon for pitching since you don’t need to worry about positioning the tent as much. Conceivably it would be useful for entrance and egress for people who take the two-person label seriously (it might be good for an intimate pair or camping with a child or little person).

What I like about having two doors is that both open to the mosquito netting so you can take full advantage of balmy ocean breezes. This feature is less effective when you use the rain fly, but I’ve slept both ways and it works very well. Good ventilation without sacrificing water resistance is pretty useful.

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