Map Pop – Local SEO for Small Business

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Map Pop Local SEO Project

In-house Back Office (BPO) Project: Develop, Market and Support Local SEO Service for Small Business

Map Pop is an ongoing project to design, develop, market, sell, and provision online marketing for small businesses located in North America. The service includes a basic mobile website, social network set-up, business name, address and phone number consistency check, and map set-up or update depending if the business has already been identified on the popular mapping services. The local SEO service sells for $39.95 per month after an introductory trial period.

Our team created Map Pop for several reasons: the program plays to a number of strengths that are unique to our organization, it mitigates the risk of revenue ebbs when campaigns cease, and it serves as a workbench for organizational learning and experimentation on an entry-level web marketing product with thousands of iterations.

Platform development is ongoing as is the service model development, which relies on outsourced sales teams elsewhere in the Philippines and the India. Provisioning (account set-up), billing, center management, customer support, platform coding and updates all reside with our Business Process Outsourcing business based in Dumaguete City in the Philippines.

The reason we discuss Map Pop is that it provides a great showcase for the various aspects of typical BPO assignments: Telesales, Customer Service, Help Desk Support, Data Entry, Web Development, Billing Management and Managing Subcontracted BPO organization simvastatin 80 mg.

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