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Prince Namor, the Submariner — Patron Hero of Snorkelers

Flippers, er Fins, for Every Occasion

Scuba diving is a sport like golf, camping or biking that affords the gear junkie ample excuses for conspicuous consumption. You justify this endless acquisition with any number of reasons ranging from safety to aesthetics.
This is a leaky tendency: moving from gearing my scuba bag to other aquatic endeavors like lap swimming in Dumaguete’s Municipal Aqua Center to snorkeling in Dauin’s Marine Sanctuary.

Aqua Lung Sport TREK Snorkeling Fins

Someday I’ll figure out how to tote a flipper quiver of my various fins, specified to certain tasks like a golfers bag of clubs. For now, because I’m either walking (to the Aqua Center) or biking (to the Marine Sanctuary), I need compact fins that bespeak my prosumer approach to swimming laps or snorkeling.
Aqua Lung Trek fins do this admirably: compact enough to snugly fit on the back of my daypack while providing a decent amount of thrust to plug away in the pool or for shallow snorkeling. Plus they look pretty boss in case those fish are up for a bit of interspecies flirtation more information.


You can get Treks at Aquaventure Whitetip Dive Supply (when in stock). You can find Whitetip in: Boracay; Cebu City and Mactan; Sabang, near Puerto Galera; Anilao, Batangas; Manila in Ermita and Makati; Alona Beach on Panglao Island, Bohol; and in my hometown, Dumaguete. For details go here.
To learn more about the Dauin Marine Sanctuary, check out this out.
To learn more about the Aqua Center, you can read about them here (although the info is somewhat dated).


Aqua Lung Trek Fins

My bitchin’ Trek Fins.


Dauin Marine Sanctuary Snorkeling

Sanctuary Snorkeling & Fish Flirting


Dumaguete Aqua Center Olympic Pool

Dumaguete Aqua Center Olympic Pool

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