About Harry Fozzard

Hello and thanks for dropping by my personal blog site.

My name is Harry Fozzard. I’m a Philippines-based expatriate from Jacksonville, Florida in the United States. I’ve been traveling to, working in, and living in the Philippines for over a decade. Currently I split my time between Dumaguete City, in the Western Visyayas, and Makati, Manila.

Since arriving in the Philippines, I’ve helped many call centers and BPO’s build and launch in the Philippines, started my own BPO, sold it, and then started all over again.

This current incarnation, Atelier Lumikha, is one of my passions — a boutique back-office focused on a global market while embracing cutting edge approaches to technology and human resources. My other passion is traveling around the Philippines and South East Asia.

These two activities inform Fozzard.asia’s sensibility: a discussion of being an expat entrepreneur in the Philippines, with all the compensations and demands that entails. It’s a story of how I engage with my customers, team, community, projects as well as the world in general.